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June 28, 2009
  • Lo the Transformers fans looked at their Trekker cousins with envious eyes and wonder how the screenwriters who created the act of love that was Star Trek could also piss all over their childhoods. Sample of this amazing FAQ: "Can you explain Megan Fox's appeal? Yes. She looks like a porn star and has the same acting talent as one, yet for some reason she makes mainstream movies. This tonal disconnect is what's so appealing about her."
  • Many congratulations Neil and Palma. Makes my arduous walk to Anne Hathaway's Cottage look a bit puny. Incidentally, is that really Werner Herzog?
  • Reminds me of the closing moments of ITV Digital and watching Carlton Cinema going dark. Except that simply consisted of the picture going off in the middle of a film.
  • Which you have of course already seen in my absence. Just wanted to note how shonky the Twilight material looks in comparison to the Buffy footage.
  • It's not just about the gesture, it's also the picture they chose …

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June 18, 2009
  • According to @anattendantlord the only positive contemporary review of The Last Action Hero and it does get the measure of the film. It's one of my favourites. As I told him it's a misunderstood, post-modern masterpiece. It's an action adventure film that references Hamlet and The Seventh Seal for goodness sake…
  • Rob explains why ITV1's in trouble but also why it's important to keep it around even though it is a bit rubbish. Lost In Austen was superb as was Boy Meets Girl (mostly); but I can see why neither of them brought in viewers since (a) the usual ITV1 audience doesn't seem to expect something that gives them something to think about and (b) the audience that's generally disenfranchised by ITV1 wouldn't expect them to have something that intelligent and assumes ITV's drama is rubbish so didn't make the journey.
  • "Hey, stop pulling me along! That guy has a rose. He might be nice…"

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June 12, 2009
  • Genius way of getting at the unmentionables by taking advantage of the indefensible.
  • "These three trials were so vast in scope, and so significant in their impact, that Darrow's work remains inspirational. Starting with Leopold and Loeb and going on to the Scopes 'monkey' trial, with its backdrop of evolution, and then defending a black doctor, Ossian Sweet, charged with murder, Darrow swept through a triangle of defining cases in quick succession. In each one he showed a fascinating mix as a man of reason who used such emotion in court."
  • "If you’re sitting next to someone on a plane who irritates you, try doing this…"
  • Preview photographs of the refresh of my back garden/local municipal park.
  • A visual obituary service for deleted YouTube videos.
  • Collaborative effort to create searchable databases from obscure archive material which could prove useful to someone someday. Some of the documents seems like a lot of effort — there are a couple of dictionaries in progress whose scans could just as usefully be computer read, the job being to copy and paste that data into the database.
  • This old fashioned DMOZ style project might seem redundant, but their New This Week feature always seems to uncover interesting websites that no one else seems to be talking about on a range of topics. Examples to follow:

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