links for 2009-08-15

  • Beautiful piece by Ringwald about John Hughes in which she deploys a recent conversation with Anthony Michael Hall to talk about he feelings about the director's death comparing their relationship with that between Trauffaut and Jean-Pierre Léaud. One of the tragedies of Hughes's death is that we'll not now see rumoured sequel to The Breakfast Club which revisits the characters two decade later.
  • The poster makes this look like a hyperlink film (or multi-stranded drama as the Radio Times has it). I was generally quite bored by knocked up but this at least sounds fairly interesting, especially since Queenan thinks it will flop. Interesting films tend to flop. Look at Ishtar or Man In The Moon.
  • Every episode of the BBC News channel's review slot since mid 2006, mostly with Mark Kermode (sometimes with Andrew Collins and Angie Errigo now and then). Worth watching to see the reaction of the various news people who've been put in front of him to be shouted at.

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