links for 2009-08-16

  • Steve Williams offers some analysis of the new channel's premiership coverage: "One of the best things about ESPN’s Premiership coverage is what they’re not doing."
  • The six-disc boxset which was released a few years ago, the later discs filled without outtakes and demos. Fabulous moments between Richard Burton and David Essex and surprisingly Anthony Quinn trying to get his chops around the Spanish Language version and being chided by the director for his mispronunciations.
  • Useful discussion on how Pocket Books failed to capitalise on the release of the new Star Trek film by cutting back on the Prime universe TOS Novels and only releasing a novelisation. I should note I haven't read a Trek novel since the mid-nineties, but to my mind it would be like BBC Books not bothering with nuWho books and keeping the old line going.

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